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Music Solutions — from Creation to Recreation

 A music lover's paradise in the heart of Melbourne's eastern suburbs…

We believe that music is an essential element in a passionate and fulfilled life.

Therefore we've developed a unique facility which incorporates like-minded businesses working together to provide something special for all music lovers — from music creators to music appreciators.

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These products and services can all be found under one roof — scroll down to find out more.

 BMC High Fidelity

BMC Hi-Fi offers a select range of personal audio, hi-fi audio and video equipment, and recording studio gear.

Our focus is on synergistic systems and components providing tonal accuracy, musically engaging sound and high quality build.

All products are displayed and demonstrated in a quiet, comfortable, professional and friendly environment where we highly value our customers.

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 The Maven Room

Our presentation theatre is specially designed to help ensure your event will be enjoyable and memorable for presenters and guests alike.

Ideal for seminars, product launches, recitals, showcases, movie evenings, etc.

  •   32 Seats
  •   Brilliant Acoustics
  •   World-class Surround Sound
  •   Video Projection
  •   Audio/Video Recording
  •   Catering Available
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 Audiophile Reference Recordings

Australia's only dedicated audiophile record store.

Customer after customer has commented that this is the best record collection they've ever seen.

With thousands of brand new vinyl records and high quality CD's hand chosen from the world's best labels, you're assured of getting the best sound possible from your favourite artists.

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 Bradshaw Music Productions

BMP is an independent music production service specialising in new and innovative music.

We provide production and recording services, artist development, musical branding, coaching and tailored creative services for Artists to pursue their creative endeavours with the highest level of artistic integrity.

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 Lili Liu Piano Land

We are committed to bringing the most elegant, aesthetic, professional and productive piano learning experiences to enhance and enrich our students lives.

Our piano school promotes performance based learning. We believe that public performance is not the end result of learning, but is an integral part of learning process.

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 New Village Studios

A highly regarded music recording studio in operation for over 25 years.

The studio features a warm, creative environment, great acoustics and a 9ft Steinway Model ā€œDā€ acoustic concert grand piano.

We specialise in piano, vocal & ensemble recording. We also provide high-end mastering services for all musical genres.

The Steinway is available for piano rehearsal and exam preparation.

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 BMC Wholesale

BMC Wholesale imports and distributes world-class audio products from local and overseas manufacturers.

Dealer enquiries are welcomed for our product range.

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